Practice Areas


Few areas of the law change as frequently as employment law. The increasing influence of the European Union has heightened the need for employers to keep up to date with legislation affecting the workplace.

Employees are often the greatest asset of a business and a good employer has a clear and concise understanding of workplace practices. It is a must for every employee to receive a written contract of employment but problems do of course still arise. The majority of problems can be solved amicably and we will always try to ensure that they are, but sometimes matters are taken out of an employer’s hands by an aggrieved employee. Having the correct policies and procedures in place, in line with recognised good practice, can save a lot of time and money. Failure to deal with employment issues can be expensive in terms of management time and, in difficult cases, the legal costs of defending claims and the potential risk of substantial monetary awards by Tribunals and Courts can be prohibitive.

Our diverse range of experience means we are able to provide a complete and well-rounded service which focuses on providing practical advice and commercial solutions.

We have particular experience in:

  • drafting employment contracts
  • drafting and advising on policies and procedures
  • settling all types of disputes
  • handling cases at tribunals and in the courts
  • enforcing restrictive covenants
  • wrongful and constructive dismissal
  • sex and race discrimination and disability issues
  • employment status and temporary worker issues
  • incentivising and rewarding staff.
  • confidentiality

On the contentious side, we have a long and extensive experience in dealing with all types of employment disputes, from enforcing restrictive covenants in the High Court to defending claims in Employment Tribunals. However, since commerciality is often the key, we are always looking for ways of resolving disputes in the most cost-effective manner possible for our clients.

Contact: Laurence Hall