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Private Client

As the name suggests, this department is about people. It is not just about money and taxes, important though they are. The basic cycle of birth, marriage and death always continues. Each stage brings a change in your life and you should take stock and decide whether your legal affairs are in order. You may want to make a will, provide for a child or create a trust for someone who, from age or infirmity, cannot look after themselves.

Our task is to ensure your wishes with regard to your family and your property are carried out. Our team is highly skilled in these areas of law and sensitive to your needs. We have a wealth of knowledge and can help you whether the matter is simple or complex.


Everyone who cares about what happens to their family and their property should make a will. It is the only way you can ensure that your wishes are carried out. If you do not make a will the rules of intestacy come into play and the selection of your personal representatives and distribution of your estate will be governed by rules over which you have no control.

It is especially important for those living together who are not married to make a will to ensure that your property goes as your family would wish. Making a will is usually a straightforward procedure and carried out quickly at low cost.

Estate Planning

Only two things are certain in life – death and taxes. You are entitled to avoid tax (tax evasion is illegal) and making a will is a good time to organize your affairs to maximum advantage within the law. Sometimes lifetime gifts are appropriate but these too have tax implications.


Trusts have always been a significant part of the work of the Private Client Department. They are not only useful for avoiding tax but are widely used to look after assets either for beneficiaries not able to look after themselves for reasons of age or infirmity, or where outright ownership among a number of people would be disadvantageous. They are often used to hold land or shares in family companies.

The setting up of a trust is a technical process and will have tax implications. We can give you advice based on our long experience and, if you wish, we can run and administer it for you.

We also advise beneficiaries and trustees of their legal duties and rights under trusts, and how to break trusts.

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